Benefits of Tutoring for Students and Parents

Tutoring has long been associated with remedial education.  And while that is true in some cases, tutoring can also be used to supplement classroom learning.  For 14 years, Ann’s Christian Learning Center (ACLC) has offered personal as well as small group tutoring to both supplement and reinforce English Language Arts (ELA), Math, and reading.  Located between Dorchester’s Codman Square and Lower Mills, ACLC is conveniently located to students in Dorchester, Mattapan, and Milton. This post will show the benefits for ongoing tutoring for both students and parents

For Students

1. A presence of someone whom students can rely on for solving some difficult study cases or questions. This help, most often, cannot be performed by parents so a tutor can be a good partner for it. Such a rapid help avoid students from getting stuck in a particular topic and from negative moods in continuing the learning process

2.A presence of someone students can ask a question and receive an answer from without feeling frightened or intimidated. Compared to the first benefit, this might be more important. The afterschool program can be an evaluation of the situation in formal schools where students are often frightened of being ashamed of due to their ignorance.

3. A help for students in being more organized. Many students are a type that has no fixed schedule and let their books or other learning tools in a mess. They are not keen in prioritizing their homework or test. They have no idea what thing should come first before another. Trained to be well-organized, students should be able to prevent from incomplete assignments or delayed assignment submission

4.Good test prep, such as the ISEE/SSAT as well as the SAT exams. Students often have anxiety attack at the prospect of a test. Tutoring can help mentally and cognitively prepare the students as well as familiarize them with the types of questions to be asked and the best way to narrow in on the correct answer.

5.Intellectual independence by learning how to learn. Most students with a high cognitive competence do not show their best performance due to the lack of intellectual independence. The students have not found the best learning method, techniques or plans for them. A tutor gives guidance to figuring it out.

For Parents

  1. A tutor can monitor their child’s cognitive performance progress. Parents always want to know how far their children have been growing and learning. However, parents are often limited by some lack of academic knowledge or up-to-date information.
  2. A convenient time for children to learn. Some parents want the best learning time for their kids while they can also accompany the tutoring Tutoring makes it work for everyone.

What to Look for in a Tutor

The benefits stated above can only be obtained if you hire a tutor with these special criteria:

– The tutor helps students develop self confidence.
The tutor creates a unique relationship with students, neither as a parent nor as a teacher.
The tutor guides students to achieving intellectual independence.

Since 2002, ACLC has served a diverse population of students who have a desire to succeed and a commitment to personal development.  If your child possesses these qualities, contact Denise Jeter at 617-391-0270.

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